thanks again for having me there, too. I really enjoyed listening and playing together.

Since a while, following John Berger (he is great), i draw where i play (and sometimes play what i draw…)

no pretentions, just helps me being there and listening (and in the other case, using the SIR, generating material)

du kleiner Kasten (commemorating Hanns Eisler)



martijn luistert met zijn armen


it is nice to do,
hope you like it, too!

was also good to talk with tao (again after a long time), jasna (in real life, u zivo! da nisam vise teorija koja hoda :-)) and albert (for the first time, very nice conversation!!)! I am still (besides other things, happily) working on the graphical co writing score on Kiraly (kemenymadar), and I hope to share news about that soon. I am defenitely not giving up on the idea!

big greetings, dikke groet, h