Composer / musician Hansko Visser has been building instruments for a long time. Usually starting from a “conventional” instrument, giving it a radically different result. Materials include wood, strings, stone, metal, and skins.

with Cleb and Rosa in Orgelpark, A’dam (11 Dec 2021, photo: Valentijn Kortekaas)

After creating Chleb and Rosa (a bass marimba and a cardboard organ), I now work with my sorcerer’s apprentice Anne Tom to create Tetra Dizzent, a wooden four pipe mobile organ, which also plays a role in the graphic score of Kemenymadar.

You can see krabbetje in action here (starts at 37:58 minutes):

Album presentation (camera: Jan Jaap Kuiper)

Also in my compositions new intruments play an important role. I just started working on a piece for 14 tuned log drums (repaired for Slagwerk Den Haag), Udo, Krin and Unu Blue, an e-gitarre painted with blue blackboard paint, tuned and played with a cymbal from Nepal.

Proud to be part of the ‘instruments make play‘ platform.