work in processsssssss,

dit zijn de twee radio svasso uitzendingen voor radio antidoto, die ik maakte n.a.v. Mooi April: speciaal aandacht voor Ken Leighton’s T.A.R.P Canada project en ook voor Paper Monument for the Paperless

i love it,

Plan Kruutntoone / Hansko Visser

Work in progress/agenda:


Since last autumn : Pksolo Album rec by Pietro Caramelli, out on Mislzig rec.

March 25 to April 6:

Plan Kruutntoone, Ahura Mazda 3000 and the Choir of the Youngest Day

Recording the album: (Niet Alles Wat Afwijkt Is Weerloos), @ Vache a Louer, Hauteroche.

28 march: recording Trio for Galina, with Bas, ( contrabas) Edu Doreste ( Bass clarinet) and Reinier ( piano) at the Chateau next door…

May 19th at

dank Raoul vd Weide, for asking us for Improbellisimo 2.At Theater Vrijburcht Amsterdam:

Pksolo  (Hansko en Bas)

 En trio Wilbert de Joode, Henk Zwerver, Michael Vatcher

 En trio met Kate Moore (sleep)

May 24 th:

Kemenymadar, second flight (v tm viii) at Oude Kerk, Rotterdam

with the composers Mojca Zupancic, Lukas Simonis/Henk Bakr, Eva-Maria Houben, Filippo Gilono

and there own ad hoc Kemenymadar ensembles, playing their version of my mother score Kemenymadar/Asvogel/Bird fromthe Chimney.

May 26 th:

Kemenymadar, second flight ( v tm viii) at MOOI  op  Oostum with these same great people..

recorded by Dolf Planteijdt, for Escrec.

May 31, In situ art, Skt Helena, Bonn:

Amygdala Sonates./Rode Bloem (met Reinier van Houdt en Dennis Alexander Schmitz)

June 2nd: Mooi op Oostum:

Amygdala Sonates/Rode Bloem ( queerschnitt…)

Bas en Hansko with Reinier van Houdt, Dennis Alexanders Schmitz en Dolf Planteijdt)

June 9 th: OCCII @ Willem de Zwijgerkerk, Amsterdam

Amygdala Sonatas/RodeBloem, Bas en Hansko, with Reiniervan Houdt and Giuna PianA.

Facilitating Hudaki Village Band ( 2 june: informal concert til 6 th: recording with Dolf.)

June 19th:

Bruitkosten/impakt Koln, Germany

Pksolo (Hansko en Bas)


Workshops and thesis for International Bilingual School in Yaounde with Erick Tambo c.s.

two more Amygdala concerts, a special one @ Haarlem, thank you Arno Pletterij, Peter B en Joost Verhagen! we will try to get a project in UA supported…

Sept Oct: editing/mixing Plan Kruutntoone and Ahura Mazda album


Second season of MOOI: with Ivo Bol, Lucia Gregov, Plan Kruutntoone and Ahura Mazda, and…

In autumn: “Niet alles wat afwijkt is weerloos, een handreiking in brieven”

(over diversiteit in compositie en samenwerking, een verhaal met workshop voor werkgroep diversiteit van nieuw geneco.

Plans for ’25:

Thomas’ Passion/Es Darf:

the first opera to be made together in radikal counterpoint, at Lissy Wagner Radikal Opera Center, Spielberg)

Bezjanija: a piece for three; two low(er) instruments, percussive string instrument and field recordings. ( one version with: Bas , Hansko and Ann Gilot) (one version by Reinier and Gareth and  …)

Having Tussen het Vee en de Hemel published, on cd and digital, alongside Guillaume Pool’s book at  uitgeverij Passage.

Having  Ardi Bones travelling blues suit case (tiny personal history tales in from pandemic times, in sound, out only on cassette.

Re Recording Trio for Galina with Reinier, Gareth and        ?)

Recording Hh en Tp gewidmet met Reinier en. Accordeon. (Vlada?)

Working on second poetry and drawings book) (Asking Matthias/Petrichor…)

Working on thesis of Mutually Respectful Musical Education. (Asking Sam Richards)

Working on shared exhibition with Alexander Abujevitsj Rubakov and Hansko Visser, Paintings at Almelo. (opening with Rubakov Trio en Chris solo…)

Having Plan Kruutntoone and Ahura Mazda “Niet Alles Wat Afwijkt Is Weerloos” uit.

Presenting second cd in series Kemenymadar ( v tm viii) at Esc.rec

Preparing the booklet with the mother score and Erno Kiraly live for the third in the series,

Asking the composers for the fourth….

Painting the m.s. Tisa ..

Building the Stairs and the Stove at Lissy’s…

insulating the attic, getting first radical opera funded.

Reaching 74 kilogramms…


Love Saskia

Love lei

Work with Bas

Take care of parents where necessary

Repair Bonn bike

Insulate attic sp.

Make groentebedbak Bonn

Build bed of pear.

try to get money for stuff that s neccesary to do and no one else does it..