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crepuscule by Moskitofilm, for which i did some music, wil be shown at the rotterdam filmfestival.

Another film, a beautiful documentary by Jan Jaap Kuiper, called Pyotr- letters from the Gulag was very well received! And is on IDFA. I have nothing to do with this movie in particular, but can only recommend it!!
I díd however play my modest part in the pilot Jan Jaap made a year before, called Levensbrief (a short abstract film, based on the same material): the voice reading the letters from Pyotr to Kat was mine.
I remember Jan Jaap took care of me with Russian honey, ginger, tea and all things possible to help me keep my voice ( i was in the middle of a tourtje with plan kruutntoone and quite ill……
Eventually maybe that was exactly the right situation for the moment….

I remember also how, after meticulously reading and rereading and recording ‘the letter’ from Pyotr to Kat, (that is from the prisoncamp in Siberia, to the young wife and the daughter in Leningrad), as we had finished, Jan Jaap presented one more letter to read and record:
Without telling me anything he d given me one of Kat’s answers to Pyotr; the one in which she tells him she will not come to see him, she will have to leave their house; the (second world-) war has begun.

I remember how strongly i felt, reading this. A blow on the head. Good director.

….meanwhile these days, doing some stuff in between for Federico Bonelli, who asked me to do a Dylan cover ( yes ,Bob…) for the titles of his upcoming short film Doppio Nero. I don’t think anybody else in this world would have been able to make me do a cover of a Dylan song ( that i didnt even like in the first place!)
Anyway, he got me, i did it, and i liked doing so. Movie ready soon!

somewhere last year we did in about 4 hours the little moving picture Il Principe Felice for the Cinema Solubile edition in Roma. Off course it was distroyed afterwards. Still there is version ( off course only almost as ingenious…)circulating on the net???

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  1. Hei man!
    I have seen Pyotr at the presentation in film school this summer. I also blogged about it on Cinema Solubile, and I knew the story from you, about the reading with low voice and the honey and such… still I had not done the connection until now, reading the account on the web site while doing the periodic update and cleaning in the back end.

    A friend of mine use to say: “god is in the capacity that stuff has to absorb our attention”. This when he was still himself. He was found with a tumor in the brain little later and got quite destructive surgery. Then he survived but he was totally another person. Hard to swallow. But that’s another story…

    Pyotr is a gorgeous, moving film.

    And about “doppio nero”…
    You body did a great job with “distructoring” the song. Is totally different yet is the same song. A perfect double on the black side of things, right on spot for my little film. You will ear/see tomorrow… I’m rather nervous because I hope you like it. The film will be visible on cinema solubile as soon as i finalize it, might take some more watching… and your pleased smile/grin..

    so spoke your friend Federitzko

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