radio svasso minore

Svasso plays music from Zagreb and Addis Abeba, Timboektoe and Tadjikistan, Odessa and Rotterdam, Ahrtahl en Ardi, Kiraly and Razorblade jr, Zakarpatija and Chicago, The Renaissance and The Cure, because he acknowledges no genres.

for Radio Antidoto i ve been making live streamed radioshows, over the last three years, sometimes alone, sometimes with Sakitza, or Artjom, or Jonathan, or Bassi,

Always riding on the Domenica Evening Train… ( Svasso from 22.00 to 23.00), from the car, from a fuel station, from bonn, from the boat…

I started out as Radio Zorro, but when the wrong russians invaded Ukraine,

the Z symbol was became tainted and i switched to Svasso Minore ( fuutje!)

I play music of friends and collegues, my beloved examples, whatever i think is urgent or just beautifull and needs to be defended..

you can find most of my Zorro live streamed emissions at Mix cloud, the newer stuff is on Radio Antidoto and Archives, i put some of the links here, alternating.